Aviation Gin, “The Process”

Maximum Effort

Y’know, people come up to me all the time and say, “What makes Aviation Gin so delicious?” Most of the time, I run away because non-celebrities frighten me. But here is the answer. It begins each morning at 4am. The distillers of Aviation Gin rise to great the new day with four hours of silent meditation. From there, it’s a quick scoot down to the grove. The citrus fruits are misted only with the tears of Aviation’s owner. Me, Ryan Reynolds. All of our botanicals are humanely caught. Cage-free and grain-fed. The reason some people don’t drink gin is that strong juniper taste. So, after apologizing to each berry individually. We beat the living hell out of them. Creating a smoother, more refined finish. To ensure that heavenly taste, every bottle of Aviation is Ordained by the Unitarian Church of Fresno California. And then, before it departs home, serenaded with the healing music of Sarah McLachlan. Some might call this overkill. But the next time you visit your local mixologist and you murder that silky-smooth Aviation martini, well who’s the killer now, asshole. SUPER: Aviation. An American original. Now owned by a Canadian.