Manifesto Writing

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This is a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in learning, studying, and enjoying the craft of brand manifestos. It’s built on a personal approach I developed over 12 years as a writer inside the creative studios at Apple and Meta.
My mission is to grow this site into the biggest collection of manifesto insights and inspiration available—always completely free. If you have any requests or ideas on how to improve, please send me an email. Thanks for visiting.

Inspiring Examples

50+ Great Manifestos

Click the link below to explore a collection of print ads to inspire your next manifesto. Most are not manifestos in the traditional sense, but all of them offer valuable insight into the craft of establishing creative ideas.

Knowledge Center

How to Write a Manifesto

Despite popular belief, manifestos are not a random collection of sentences. At least the good ones aren’t. Most fall into the same five structures. These can be easily learned and mastered.

Mastering the Manifesto Style

Manifestos use specific language techniques that make them more memorable. Even though you may only use a few each time, I’ve found it helpful to keep all of them close at hand should a need arise.

Types of Brand Manifestos

Every manifesto can be classified into eight genres. A “genre” is the word I use for role of your manifesto—whether defining your purpose, giving advice, sharing perspective, and more.

Manifesto Cheat Sheets

I frequently post guides on Linkedin covering different aspects of the manifesto process. You can access an archive of those, which include deep dives on structure, genre, openings, endings and more.