Beats by Dre, “You Love Me”


You love me. You love me not. You love black culture. But do you love me? You love how I sound. My voice. These beats. This flow. Not me though, right? You love how I look. My hair. This skin. But me? Nah. We don’t get to exist. We’re forced to survive. We still fight. We still play while the world burns. On fields that ain’t even level. All men are created equal. That’s my favorite part. You hate us so deeply. But you’re still so impressed. Why can’t you see? There’s history in our skin. You built this country on our backs. I’m him. He’s me. She, us, we—are all black. Love me. Or not. We love each other deeply. We gonna be us. We gonna break bread. We gonna defy gravity. You love my culture. But do you love me? What a world that would be.