Facebook, “Sport”


Sport. It’s just a made up game with made up rules. So why does it make us cry? Inspire us? Help us make friends with people we’ve never met? Maybe that’s it. It’s something we can be part of together. A way to find others to share in our madness. They’re the ones who don’t judge when numbers on a scoreboard make us cry with joy or pain. Because the same tears will be in their eyes as well. And make sure we don’t have to suffer alone. Or even worse, celebrate alone. So we hang out in pubs and living rooms and News Feeds. Telling stories of games we saw to people who saw the exact same games. And happily listen as they do the same to us. Because they’re the ones who helped us realize it’s more than just a game. It’s a ritual. An identity. But most of all: it’s a way for us to be together.