Thomson Reuters, “The Answer Company”


Question. What is an answer? And how can you measure the value of one? Today, there are millions of people in places devoted to providing answers. And that’s the problem. Answers are cheap. And everybody’s got one. But trusted answers from trusted sources. That’s a rare and precious commodity. Yes, they’re out there. But finding them on your own is harder than finding the preverbal needle in the preverbal haystack. A reality made more urgent when entire industries are undergoing massive transformation. And opportunities are only opportunities if you can separate fact from near fact. At Thomas Reuters, we don’t simply understand the need for factual integrity. We’re obsessed with it. Living in a decision economy, we’ve built our company around the need to connect our customers with the most accurate and relevant information out there. So when you tap into our unique information ecosystem, you’re getting the intelligence, technology, and human expertise you need to find trusted answers. Any questions? SUPER: The Answer Company